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Web Site Design

There are many ways to organize the web site creation process. Understanding the entire process before you begin to build it will save you time and money as the project progresses.

At NIC Solutions we prefer to break it into five basic stages:

Project Definition: We will sit down with the client and define the project. Will determine who the audience is for you site. Audience of the site wants to be entertained or informed? What is the content of the site? What are the technical considerations? Which browsers will you support? Once these questions are answered will create a proposal that will help the client and us with the project.

Website is perpetual work-in-progress. With all the tools and technology that is available today most websites change fairly often .By creating a planned site will simplify the process. Upon client review of initial concepts, we will take the design to stage two.

Content Development: We will begin by providing information that you will include in the site. Most likely information that you currently have or you will have to create.

Make sure to have to a complete list of the entire site content. Group information into no more than five to seven categories.

Visual Design: Will create two to three different visual designs so our client can choose from a range of ideas.In this stage tighter imagery will be developed, incorporating actual typeface selection, photos, images and illustrations. Once your information and visual design approved, implementation of the site can begin.We will upload the site and make sure that it is functional on it's server.

Marketing:. We assist companies, both large and small to promote themselves more professionally. We can help you with submitting your site to the top search engines.

Maintenance: Don't assume that once your site is online, itās done. Website needs regular upkeep. Have to update material, add new content, links to check. We can update and maintain your new or existing site on a daily, weekly, monthly or as needed schedule, according to each individual need.

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Our team is trained in the latest Internet web design related Software:

Adobe Products:
  • Photoshop 6.0
  • Image Ready 2.0
  • Go Live
  • Ilustrator 9.00
Macromedia Products:
  • Dreamweaver
  • Freehand 8.0
  • Flash 5.0
  • Director 8.0
CGI and JAVA Script.

On line Database driven Applications

Complete E-Store Solution "B2C" or "B2B

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