About Us

Welcome to NIC Solution, your total eSolution provider. We are an innovative company that believes that your needs as a customer should come first. We believe that you as a customer got enough work without the need to manage a multi-vendor solution so we designed a company that can give you a multi-vendor solution with one phone call.

With one phone call NIC can build your network from the ground up and while designing your web site. Until now you had to go to two different companies, one to build and maintain your network and one to design and host your web site, NIC combined the two into one therefore giving you the total eSolution provider.

NIC will come and access your business needs and then design a network that will support your current needs but still will give the network the ability to grow with your business. And since NIC is a multi-vendor company we can build your network using Cisco, IBM, 3COM, Dlink, or any other vendor of your choice. This also means that we can fit the network into your budget constraints. Our team professionals have worked with financial institutes, school boards, and big manufactures which means that you get the best team working for you.

NIC also got a web design division that comprised of talented graphic artists, web designers, and webmasters that working as a team can make your presence known to the whole web and to the world. They can design from a basic static web site that provide information about your company to a dynamic interactive web site that allows on line Q&A, shopping carts, and most importantly eCommerce. Get people from around the world to buy your product without the need for you to go out and sell it. Get your web site to make you money while you sleep.

NIC also offers financing for any work done, hardware, and software so call us today and see what NIC can do for you.